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Jun. 16th, 2006 @ 09:14 am
oh and i forgot to mention this earlier..
right after these fucking cingular commercials start, saying they have the best coverage and yada yada, they never drop calls, etc. etc, my phone began dropping calls at least twice a day. half the time it takes me an hour to get a signal and connect a call, and the other half of the time it beeps 'network busy' for about an hour. on the sixth, possible my worst day in a year, i was rearended on gilbert road [way fucking busy at all times of the day here in gilbert/mesa area az] and tried to dial 911... it took me a fucking half hour for AN EMERGENCY CALL TO GO THROUGH BECAUSE MY PHONE KEPT SAYING NETWORK BUSY OVER AND OVER AND OVER.
ok i'm done, sorry guys.

Jun. 16th, 2006 @ 09:05 am
when at&t switched to cingular, i had the cutest little phone in the world. about a month later it went for a swim and never turned on again. i took it to the cingular store, because some fucking bitch on the phone told me over and over 'AT&T DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE'. she was growling. i thought she may be rabid. so i prance in to cingular with my dad [we share a family plan] and he talks to this complete prick who keeps looking at me like i'm retarded for like two fucking hours. i tell them i just want to buy a new phone and keep my old contract. i was told like, 8524 times that it wasn't possible so i finally said fuck it and paid $300 for a piece of shit phone that dies half way through the day. $300 was the price WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED, one of the ridiculous go!phones. welllll, i called cingular to find out how much it would be to cancel my contract, and found out i have almost two fucking years to go and canceling it would cost a small fortune, because i some how paid full price for my phone and got weasled in to a whole new fucking contract anyway.
i could eat cingular alive for this. i'm so miserable. i hate commitments, and it's my luck that i get forcefully committed to douche bags for periods of two years and longer. i feel like i've had a fucking arranged marrige to these bastards. jlkasfjaslfdj.

ok but my question is..

is there any way to get my pictures online, or in my computer, with out emailing them to my self? a usb cable or something? please help. thanks guys.

Jul. 9th, 2005 @ 12:04 am
Ok so ive had cingular for like 5 years. We signed a contract last year. My phone broke. They wont let me get a new phone for less than $300. All i want is the shittest phone in the world...i just WANT SOME KIND OF A CELLULAR DEVICE. But they said no, not unless i sign a new 2 yr contract. FUCK NO. I will not.

So i have no phone right now. And i really wanna sue. This is so dumb.

Intro and some advice if possible? Jun. 7th, 2005 @ 04:31 am
Hey there, my name's Jake, from MN (twin cities to be exact) but anyway i have cingular service. & I was wondering if anyone here could provide me w/ some advice, i have a past due balance of about 300.00. & I have also recently relocated (March 2005) from RI to MN. I believe i have been royally screwed by cingular cuz i had spoken to a phone rep tonight & they had said for one that i had a 2 year contract, incorrect! Initally i signed a 1 year contract (in January 2005) when I had my RI #. But the rep on the phone said that i had a 2 year contract & it was bc I had changed my phone # to a MN #, now i was never told that changing my # would affect my contract, this pisses me the fuck off!

Now, my other problem, I was also told bc I hadn't service w/ the company for 6 months that i could not make payment arrangements (basically make partial payments) but as i had said earlier i signed a 1 year contract in (january 2005). But anyway, & now they're saying they are going to suspend my service on the 13th of June & cancel my contract completely on the 5th of July. & They're saying i have to make full payment of about 300 by july 5th. Does anyone know if they're allowed to cancel my contract? Or if i would be allowed to make partial payments?

Now, the way my bill became so expensive, is that since i relocated to MN (i got screwed ouf of a job by former employer) i was out of work for 2 months and had no way to pay the bill. Now, i have a found a job & am able to pay this. But if anyone can help advice is much needed, thanks! Also, I do intend to pay this bill, the point of all i just wanna know if they are allowed to basically screw me this way? & If i can pay them what i can.

Apr. 29th, 2005 @ 07:20 am

Late fee question Feb. 28th, 2005 @ 12:15 am
How much are Cingular late-fees, at least early on during lateness?

And how soon do consequences kick in (i.e., getting service cut off)?

Sorry if they're dumb questions...yeah.

Oh my gosh Dec. 5th, 2004 @ 04:49 pm
I found this site completely by accident. Have I got a few stories for you all!
Well my mom works, at Cingular. I told her when she got hired there that Cingular and SBC are evil corporate giants. THE most evil on earth, except maybe for Walmart. But she didn't really listen. Instead she pressured me to apply there as well. So I did. I didn't dress up or anything, cause I didn't care. On the way there I saw soooo many dead deer on the roadside that I thought it was an OMEN, and I wanted to go back home. But I had to go forth to the interview for my mom.

They kept me there forever when I went to my appointment. I was there for like 6 hours or something. It was beyond strange.
So I sat there while ppl that came in after me were called in and hired. I am a very patient person obviously. I took the dumb little test. It was incredibly easy.
Then I sat and waited. There was this one guy in HR... just so hyper. I knew about the long hours there, so I guessed that his hyperactivity was caused by the speed he was injesting to stay uppity all that time. You know how they say in Customer Service jobs everywhere to answer the phone with a smile? He was a giant god damn smile. But at the same time I could see right through it and knew he was miserable. It was sad, really.

This really sweet guy went over my test results and stuff with me. He was hot in a geeky kind of way. He was so beautifully normal compared to the HYPER guy. I kept making sarcastic jokes. Then I was sent out and I sat and waited again. Then they take me to talk to some big wig behind a desk. And he sayz to me: "Do you think you can just walk in here and get a job?"

I didn't really give him a big reaction, but then they made me sit outside and wait for my paperwork to take home. By the time I left I was really mad that they made me sit there all day and then talked to me like that. I mean, I DO have another job already that I could have been doing. I just went to make my mom happy. For chrissakes, I make more money than she does!

And I don't have to wear hose to work... neeneerr neenerr for godsakes!

Hooray for my fuzzy slipper and pajama career wardrobe. I still have to deal with shits on the phone all day, but I don't have to fill up my gas tank or wear skirts. In fact, my mom took my car and destroyed it driving back and forth to work at that hellhole. Bite my ass cingular.

Then... my poor mom is so brainwashed by Cingular. She loves loves loves loves loves Cingular. She really does. OH my Buddha... I don't know why. So she comes over to my place and she is constantly telling me I should switch to Cingular. But I told her I already owe SBC money from when my brother ran up a big phone bill. But she says she will get it for me, to just pay the bill. I was hesitant, but she is quite a saleswoman. And after a couple weeks I gave in.

So.. you know how it goes... overages... and late fees, and she just kept telling me to raise my rate plan... so I did... and I did it again. I do use the phone a lot. I obviously talk a hella lot... so... I just gave up when it got too crazy. Crazy as in $400 a month for 2 months in a row.

They wouldn't make payment arrangements with me of any sort. So I got pissed.

So I told them to cancel the account. And I did pay on it.

It isn't all paid up yet, but I am doing my best. Somehow my payments still are not making much of a dent, because they sent it to collections, and that added a couple hundred more to the bill, but.. I make little payments.

Because... they told my mom, that they would fire her if the bill was not paid.

Well I just think that is disgusting and morally bankrupt.

My poor mom can barely make her rent on the pittance they pay her. She asks me for her rent money every month!

Well i had just given her $200. So, I didn't have any money left, and so my mom told my brother that they were threatening to fire her because of my cell phone bill. So my brother threatened me. Since my brother threatened me, I do not speak to either one of them much anymore. I spent thanksgiving home alone. I'm moving to California and not giving them a goodbye. I really think Cingular sucks.

(Don't worry, I'll still pay the bill since you threatened to fire my mom.)
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Cool...a community for people who hate Cingular! Mar. 3rd, 2004 @ 12:02 pm
Okay, I don't work for them, I don't have their service but I know people who do & they hate it.

My aunt has Cingular & she went through all sorts of hell with getting her voicemail. She went through the whole thing of getting it & she still couldn't access the damn voice mail. And to make matters worse, the customer care rep gave her a hard time when she called.

Makes me thankful I got T-Mobile.

Why won't Cingular just die already? Jan. 20th, 2004 @ 02:33 pm
Damnit....I wish I would get my W2 from Cingular already. I got mine from my current employer. But of course they take care of buisness when it deals with this issue. They don't slack around like stupid worthless Cingular does. They know, and care that people want to take care of their taxes...but not Cingular. They just care about themselves and whats more easier for them.
Stupid fuckers..I hate them all. I especially hate all of the Cingular fuckers that work in the Spfld call center. All of them there can eat my ass. All of HR...eat my ass. James Graham...eat my ass. All of the supervisors...eat my ass.
I know all of this is just immature little words, but it makes me feel so much better inside.
I can't express enough my hatred for these people who work there.
God, just the thought of ever going back to work for them makes me sick to my stomach.

Anyways I just want MY W2s so I can be rid of this evil. Rid of Cingular forever. Well of course I'll still come here and bitch how it's a shitty company and all. So don't worry, I won't deprive all of you of that.
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Jan. 18th, 2004 @ 05:55 pm

we now have to LOG OUT to use the fucking bathroom!

what the fuck??

Customer Service Agents: Please read CAREFULLY!

· Effective immediately you should only use Not Ready for call wrap ups.

· If you must be away from your desk for a short period of time outside of your scheduled break or lunch time (ex. restroom) the proper procedure would be to Log Out. This time should be kept to a minimum and the resource department will be monitoring all not ready time and Log outs.

Thank you for your careful attention to this procedure.

oh yeah, and i can't check livejournal from work anymore....
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